Domin Art Studio

Feel free to join us for a complimentary and non-obligatory trial lesson.

Most popular courses:

Basic Perspective Course

Sample class topics:
  • How to cast a shadow?
  • Live model drawing (adults only)
  • Rules of perspective view
  • Sacred stone architecture
  • Creative space transformation
  • Platonic solids
  • Vintage car
  • Wooden cottage in the greenery


  • Nearly 30 years of experience in teaching drawing
  • Hundreds of students every year
  • A master program spread over 5 years
  • The Golden Decade - 10 consecutive years of 1st place in the entrance exam at WAPW 
  • All of our teachers are excellent artists

We teach

  • perspective
  • anatomy
  • creating scenery
  • drawing animals
  • sci-fi & fantasy
  • architecture drawing
  • design
  • sketching
You will totally love our school!

Friendly, cheerful atmosphere, great people who are passionate about drawing as a lifelong passion.

Why choose us?

Three reasons why:
1. Our program is built on almost 30 years of practice.
2. Nearly every year, our students are admitted to universities with top scores (e.g. 200/200 points in 2023 at WAPW).
3. You will see significant progress in skills after just a few weeks.
The best teachers

Over the years, we keep those who draw the best with us

Learn at your own pace

There will be no rushing here, and if you want to spend more time on a topic, you have access to ALL tutorials online on our platform

Free Studio Rule

One course fee grants access to all courses

We'll teach you whatever you want

Watercolor? Markers? Fine liners? Perspective? Landscapes? Figure? Architecture and interiors? Animals? Whatever you want.

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