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From a young age, my soul pulsates with drawing. Although by education I am a musician, biologist, and architect,
drawing is my true passion and the most magnificent form of artistic expression for me. My mission is to infect others with it. My artistic journey is full of twists and turns.
I started as a violinist, practiced modern and social dance, sang in a gospel choir, engaged in analog and digital photography, painting, sculpture, and even acting. Finally, I discovered my calling 
in architecture and interior design as well as drawing, comics, and illustration.

My fascinations extend far beyond pure art. I am a history enthusiast, especially of the late Middle Ages era. My hobby is recreating life in the style of the 15th century (including reenactments of the Battle of Grunwald), including sword fighting in full armor.

Running DominArt Studio is a sincere joy and professional fulfillment for me. I love teaching and have been doing it for many years. I also enjoy the opportunity to lead and build a competent team of teachers, whom I select from among my students.

Who knows, perhaps someday you'll want to be a part of it too?
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If you dream of being able to draw fantastical worlds, people, cars, architecture, picturesque landscapes, or anything else, you're in the right place. From my experience, I know that anyone can learn to draw. Talent is not required, only good guidance and regular practice. I'm here to show you the right path and guide you through it. In classes, I'll explain everything to you as many times as you need.
Together, we'll achieve what you aspire to 🙂

Join me and our community DominArt Studio.

Join us for an amazing drawing adventure!

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